Kamis, 20 November 2014

Shooting with natural light

People often ask me about my post-processing if you. Above my photography To be honest, the post-process has developed in which a combination of small exercises that I do. During the last years of the artists I have taken to respect Since I have developed my own style of these tools, but the most important part of the post-processing,

 it is an image that takes you on welfare. In this article I will and post-process more about how to use the natural light to talk about the less. For the proper digital development, the shot has to be versatile for the final result.
Do you want something dark and soft? Want something light and warm? These are just some questions that, when a photo shoot set to ask yourself.
The greatest joy for me as a photographer is through the use of light to create a moving picture. This may come in any number of ways, from the smallest single strand of the light to a surface or an object in a field in the afternoon. It is important to train the eye, the entire spectrum of natural light. The only way is to shoot continuously.
I shot my subject near the door of his house. Light shines in doorways, or in the shade of a tall building is amazing, especially under an awning. I asked her to move directly to his right, away from the entrance, so that we can bring some reflections in the window. If you do so, you have come to look at their reflection and shadows, especially when she has dark hair. I love taking pictures of subjects in this light, and it seems no matter what time of day to have the feeling that golden hour. It's great for head shots, especially. Since these recordings was only a makeshift one with a friend, and we are working together for the first time I had decided to leave the reflector at home. I try my portrait shoots as basic as possible, so you can know the model. I can so petty, and I wish that the light reflected on his back and jaw (right side), but the expression and composition are all I focus on here. I feel it's something nice about the imperfect lighting, the image portrays herself or less forced, more natural than a moment in the life of that person makes.
For this picture with a Nikon D3s photographed lens cable at f/1.8 with Nikon D-series (f/1.4). I have auto-focus drive with a single point in its proximity to me (right) eye. Since it was already late, the light was sufficient to enable me to stay at 1/400s shutter speed and ISO 200. I like to try to stay within ISO 200-400 to make the outdoor portrait. I like to have a certain sense of grain there instead of at low ISO is enough to make a clear image. This is just a personal preference.
At this stage, the image that you have taken is usually enough details to make a digital RAW. None of the shadows are too hard, so I think that there are small details, if necessary. I can see the histogram cuts saying that no red color (blown highlights) or blue (dark shade) in the image of himself. I know I do. Complete control of this image in Photoshop later, and this is the first step to a solid workflow editing with natural light
However, we are not always so lucky and lots of light, the opportunity to address a topic, or even have the opportunity outdoors. In this situation, the environment of a subject additional details about what they are suitable. Such a vision is important for your composition.
His best friend as a photographer with natural light is a source, the interior shots in. This has a lot of bright light can flood through the right hand. Sometimes the moments are defined by you and be aware of how to expose the image is the key. The other thing to consider is the quality of the images at different ISO. Larger body, less expensive granulated start faster if you exceed 800 ISO. I knew that this was the case, when i took this photo because I was with the Nikon D90 body. To get a clear picture I thought it was at 200 ISO, forcing me to f/1.4 with a shutter speed of 1/60 shooting (with 50mm f/1.4 lens Nikon). At this shutter speed is difficult to have him hand and hold attention. I had no choice, but because no complicated setup this would not make a portrait session sincere, and I knew that the issue would not be interested. So my setup is limited, I had the kitchen table as improvise a tripod and a few pictures for the composition at bay. Once they had perfectly framed, I waited until the time came between thoughts before speaking again in order to capture them in this pose.
I also love how by the post-processing technique that I rolled up and raises Black / Shadow, so that the view cloudy. In this picture we see a variety of game-shadow / light, from the area of ​​almost overexposed to underexposed shadows in the left window. This flow nicely into your face so that your face a little dimension with shadow on the jaw, so they bright and focused eye. Typically, a window will provide as much light as you need, depending on how close the model is to it. In this picture I shot on a Nikon D700 with Nikon 85mm f/1.4D at f/1.4. I kept the ISO at 200, although inside. This allowed me to it 1/200s shutter button.
At the beginning of my photography I was mostly outdoor shoot wide open and offers great flexibility when shooting portraits, is also overexposed background. This commonly occurs when shooting with only the sky behind a subject, so if you find yourself in a position light, where the background is not so transparent, a more complete picture can be produced. 
How to tell from this article, the introduction of natural light, never certainties. It's what you get adjusted. Finding the best thing to do is to understand how the light looks in different exposures, and the only way, what you like to shoot. I started my photography exploration in downtown Denver, once a week, at least, any time of day, and shooting. Once I felt comfortable with little light in broad daylight, Homecoming hairstyles for short hair I moved my work to practice at home. Understanding how natural light works, is not only the basis to produce an image of some sort, but it is also important for strong post-processing. The two go hand http://howtolearnwoodworking.blogspot.com/ http://beginner-woodworkingplans.blogspot.com/ http://stepeasywoodworkingprojects.blogspot.com/ http://easywoodworkingprojectstosell.blogspot.com/ http://www.downloadgamepcringan.com/ in hand.